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  • This cable must be adjusted properly or the transmission will fail.
  • On another Q-Jet I cut the bell crank on the throttle shaft above an existing mounting hole and below the center line of the shaft.
  • White arrow above picture.
  • Some mounting tabs from different sources are now available for different carbs if you don't feel like doing this yourself.

The H.A.M.B

Still has the adjustment where it ratchets like factory. Then connect to the new single-pin connector at the transmission arrow, photo C. When retrofitted into early muscle cars, these trannys require the pressure switch to be changed and a few wires rerouted. The picture doesn't really show it but the piece is cracked and has a lot of metal shavings from the destruction. This switch will allow current flow, speed soirée only when it is depressed.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A GM With A 700R4 Transmission

Why, I don't know, but they did. Torque the transmission bolts to the manufacturer's recommended torque with a small torque wrench. Next is a wiring diagram by Peter Row that looks good to me. Return to Sumner's Home Page. The brake pedal arm makes contact with the switch when it is all the way out.

R4 TCC/lockup wiring - The Forums

The oil also offers proven protection for critical engine parts, as well as overall lubrication and wear protection covering all driving styles. The piece in the middle of the drum is what broke off and shattered. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Add transmission fluid through the transmission fill tube, checking the fluid level every quart to prevent over filling.

It is not longer at the full out position. This is our opinion, but logic and years of experience keep confirming this starting position to be ideal for most vehicles. This can only be done after the transmission gets installed into the vehicle and only the installer can adjust this relationship if it's not correct!

On one of the Q-jets I used there was a mounting hole at the right radius from the throttle shaft center line, but not at the right angle. Either way works the same. This is a great transmission. Allow as much fluid as possible to drain from the broken seal between the transmission and transmission pan. This bracket is typically mounted to the engines intake manifold.

The blue, or in some applications dark green, wire terminal B is connected to the fourth gear overdrive switch in the valve body. Peek under a hot rod today and it's not uncommon to find an automatic overdrive resting between the frame rails. With out the proper turning radius at this hook-up point, the transmision will never operate properly. You see the two terminals that you need to hook to. Now hook the cable back up, with the adjuster out towards the carb.

It Still Runs

Shifts great, miles on it so far. They'll work for any carb, or series of carbs. We will not spend time in this article discussing hydraulic pre load because it will just confuse the issue. Insert a picture We have found seven feet of hydraulic hose should allow the installer to have the pressure gauge in his hand while working at the carburetor or fuel injection location.

With my luck the tranny let go on the highway around midnight with no one around. The photos in the article are of a R tranny. Tighten screws, then recheck reading to insure adjustment has not changed. If the pressure drops, if is normally safe to drive the vehicle. This feature works hand and glove with the transmissions pressure boost system controlled by the line bias valve to more closely match increases in engine torque.

Sometimes a low price will justify the cost of replacing the transmission. The red wire from the solenoid will be run to the new single-pin connector photo C. This drum is a splined piece that connects to the input shaft. Common failure points on the governor are the gears, dating site in ethiopian the springs coming loose or debris preventing the valve that the governor is connected to from moving.

Since writing this article, I've had a lot of inquiries about it. The factory installed a couple of different types of pressure switches depending on the application. This is untested, indianapolis hook up but I see no reason why it won't work.

For mine I have to pull the tranny out to get at the governor, Oh well. The later carbs are feedback style, but the linkages should be similar. These are slim so this is the reason I recommend to use a junkyard donor for the plug black arrow, dating millionaires usa photo D. This helps to delay vacuum loss at the switch.

How to Wire a Switch to Lock Up the Torque Converter on a R Transmission

Back the vehicle off the car ramps. The only other modification that I had to do is to cut off a section of the case to clear my headers. Now, this is only a belief of mine. Here is a list of things to look for when considering buying a car with this transmission.

TCI R / R4 Universal Lockup Wiring Kit

700r4 TCC/lockup wiring

R4 lockup kit

R4 Transmission Swap

Before you change any wiring, find the solenoid arrow, photo A and the two wires connected to it. The governor has a tendency to stick. Check out the pictures below.

You need to talk to a repairman or you might trying posting on Rodder's Roundtable Forum and post the question to Tony board name is Crosley. Took me faster than it takes to type this, to do the cable adjustment. Press the transmission pan back onto the transmission and hand-tighten the bolts that secure the pan to the transmission.

For lack of anything better to do I decided to do nothing, yet anyway. This kit will help you make sure you get the wiring correct. This does effect their relative starting positions so our pictures and illustrations are positioned as they would be in the valve body when it's operating. It's simple I push the switch and the tranny locks the converter. Determining whether this is correct can only be done by the installer!

Are you are doing this mod for one of the reasons I did, to get rid of some of the wiring and vacuum hoses that came on our trucks. It came with a two wire solenoid also. This can only be determined by the installer.

Then I'm going to pull the tranny out and rebuild it with the billet servo pump, extra clutch packs, and kevlar band. So I hold first longer to put the motor in more of a sweet spot for second. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. You don't need to have it, just something I wanted.

TCI 200-4R / 700R4 Universal Lockup Wiring Kit
How does a R4 work
  1. If you can't find a plug, you can either use some slim female spade connectors or solder the wires on.
  2. The lockup converter allows me to have a high stall and cruise on the highway.
  3. Drive the vehicle onto car ramps, put it in park, and set the emergency brake.
How does a 700R4 work

If I didn't have a lockup converter I would be constantly slipping with my converter on the highway. Now you can go and enjoy the ride! To help you understand this system we will first demonstrate how this system operates in a typical stock factory application.

Bowtie Overdrives

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