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Helen pounces on him, locking him in a long, passionate kiss. Actually, it wasnt hers it was her Dad's. The three run off-screen, and that leaves the three couples alone oh yeah, and the now sleeping Professor Farnsworth. The usual method of dropping a giant ice cube into the ocean isn't working anymore. If you really loved smoking, but one day, you read that it was bad for your lungs, safe dating id would you give it up?

Kiff, Zapp and Nibbler became part of the Futurama family. Cut back to Fry and Bender. It was simply a matter of outsmarting them.

He must drink alcohol to stay sober and alive. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Development equals change over time.

  1. After a beat or two on that image, we cut to Bender, his jaw dropped in utter disbelief.
  2. She walks into her apartment building, leaving Fry alone.
  3. Fry breaks the tube before he is frozen, causing the universe to collapse in on itself.
  4. Zoidberg on a picnic in Europa with Amy.
  5. Amy tends to wear rather provocative outfits.
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Put Your Head on My Shoulders

The real Lucy Liu asks Fry to erase her from his robot, and he obliges. She is kind of spoiled due to her parents being rich and she once had a time where she used to look down on the poor. Having Leela and Amy as potential romances for Fry might've been interesting, but it would've taken a lot of the clout out of Fry's pursuit of Leela.

Stephen Hawking as Himself. The crew is just staring at him. We've only known each other a few days. Tonight was open mic night, and if you've ever seen Joseph Stalin sing, you'll understand why I came here.

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Guenter competes with Fry in social activities and academic performance while struggling with whether to rejoin his species in the wild. He looks over the black-and-white image. He gulps down his cham-pag-en, and sits back down. It shows Fry and Helen locked in the same embrace seen the night before.

Cut to the Planet Express Lounge, the next day. Now, as you were saying, Leela? He takes off his hands, and stuffs them into his chest compartment. Some women do find sensitive or cute guys attractive i think, but so far i've only found frivolous girls that look for jocks, backstreetboys and preps, so i dunno.

Amy makes plans with another man for Valentine's Day. Just then, Hermes, LaBarbera, and Zoidberg enter, all of them disheveled. The second shows Fry looking at Leela, a smile on his face, apparently pleading for something.

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When she refuses, Fry asks Dr. Then we hear the sound of someone eating coming from under the table. She carries him over her shoulder into the lounge. Cohen deliver more laughs as Futurama launches into a second season.

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But she's not superior over the other characters - if she was, she'd be a really boring character. Why can't you ask that annoying red guy that we work with? Leela looks at Fry, still passed out, with a worried look. Fry desperately chasing one woman isn't such a big thing if he's also interested in another. She brings Kif's face to hers, and quickly locks him in a very passionate embrace.

The two walk down the alleyway, how to pick towards a lit up strip of New New York City. The episode was written by Ken Keeler and directed by Chris Louden. Where're my rabbit panties?

She looks down and sees the two of their hands joined together. Now she's bothering me when I'm at work. But enough of this, let's stay on topic. But he is completely incompetent as captain of a spaceship, dating habits in with Kiff usually solving the problems Zapp creates.

The second season balances out the character's actions in a way that allows the viewer to see both their adventures and their feelings. He turns his head both ways. Fry's scenario ends with the group playing Dungeons and Dragons for all eternity. Picture of Leela shocking Dr. Just then, Bender walks into the lounge.

  • Amy's parents then introduce Kiff to Amy, and they are immediately smitten.
  • Phil Hendrie as Free Waterfall Jr.
  • He hands Leela the stack of photos from his chest compartment.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Cut to Fry and Bender's apartment, the next morning. He opens his chest cabinet and stuffs his magazine in it. Meanwhile, Bender pretends to be a hobo so he can get free alcohol at the liquor kitchen for homeless robots.

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The Professor starts drooling. Bender has a depressed look on his face. They've probably become collectors items, celebrity dating history and very valuable like Beamer suggested. The writers run with the premise that the future is different than the present where even making a phone call is painfully ironic.

Or, you could have Fry dating Amy, and Leela becoming jealous without admiting it, of course. The crew warn Fry against dating a robot. We need a human dating Zoidberg, I say! Leela adopted Nibbler as a pet on Futurama. This article is about the Futurama character.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

The Professor tells him that he is full of male jelly and needs to go back to his home planet to mate. Fry gets up and walks over to Hermes. He later found out that it was necessary, but at the time, and with the information that he had, doing the nasty in the pasty was not a bright thing to do.

After another beat, Bender walks back towards Leela. When Doctor Zoidberg had lost his mind due to hormones and was forced to be tied up, she was fooled multiple times into untying him, despite the dangers. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

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