They have only been onscreen couple together in that tvb pet drama. Feel really bad for Sammi and Kenneth who are the main victims here. All his current projects, including upcoming concert plans, will come to a full stop as he reflects on his actions. Their behaviour was despicable, but they werent breaking any laws.

Jacqueline was so dumb to behave like that in a taxi. Consequently, dating opens the door to many temptations. So they were still dating when she kissed Andy in the taxi.

Profile picture of Andy Jacqueline A is the first community and dating

Can someone please explain to me why Asians feel the need to issue a public apology for cheating? Being a married couple does not mean they will stay together forever. So disappointed in Andy Hui omg.

Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Being Intimate in Taxi Cab

Dashcam footage shows the pair travelling home with an unnamed male friend. Sammi had been very strong in recent years after she wins her battle with depression. They shouldnt have to pay for her actions. Also the subtle holding of hands means that romance is in the air.

Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Being Intimate in Taxi Cab

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Appearing in a press conference this morning, Andy said that he had drank too much alcohol and got carried away in a moment of lust. Like other users have said, he seems to have thought it not quite right because andy said he will whatsapp to prove it and such. For reasons that were never fully explained, Victoria decided that the affair was over and Andy Gibb was devastated. However, many were shocked that Jacqueline and Sammi also seem to be good friends, as they go to the same gym and took photos of their workout sessions together. What shocked me more was all the cussing in Cantonese courtesy of Jacqueline.


Please keep it clean and on topic. By the way, dating a rich guy in how can the taxi release that footage. Many people are heartbroken for the beloved Sammi! That will give him more ammo to win her back.

Just shows that Andy is fake and just cares about his own career and hopes to gain sympathy. Anyway, I never liked Jacqueline Wong. If they were never found out, this dalliance will just continue for an indefinite period of time. And Sammi and Kenneth will always have to take a break from all these negative press.

In fact, the driver was so conflicted that he entrusted the footage over to a church pastor. The video shouldnt have been released. Having extra affair is not wrong to them if they loved one another. Who would even remember Andy if not for Sammi?

Jacqueline Wong

And they said he needed to get up early to fly so theyd drop him off. Kenneth Ma is so passive and simple-minded and got hooked up by her after her persistence. He should just secretly seek the forgiveness of his partner and not worry about the public.

  • She is not beautiful but cute.
  • This girl must be out of her mind.
  • Or Kenneth can forgive her and move on.
  • He dodge a bullet on that one.

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Jacqueline and Sammi Are Also Friends. Whoever she crushes and worships, she will go after. Advantage You don t have to hold out much and put in a great deal of efforts to meet people.

Married for five years, Andy and Sammi have mostly kept a low profile on their relationship. This is the first time they got caught! Because forgiving is taught in her religion. If so, how could they be that dense and still n had the nerve? While jerk Andy go around getting to know new gf.

Dash-Cam Footage Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong are having an affair
  1. Now why would they need my credit card or so.
  2. Marriage is not only based on love, happiness but trust, no trust, no marriage.
  3. Never seem to understand this.
  4. Hes responding but I dont think his English is as good.
  5. As much as we all spit on the whole affair, the driver is dirty for selling the video without consent.
Andy Hui Jacqueline Wong rumoured to be having affair

Andy and jacqueline dating after divorce

Andy Hui caught cheating on Sammi Cheng with Jacqueline Wong

As for the real victims, I feel horrible for both Sammi and Kenneth. It is an on going relationship. Might as well get it over and done with. Also the addition of another celebrity who was supposedly still in a relationship involved which makes this even more shocking.

Andy and jacqueline dating after divorce - I am a bubbly person and love to chat to anyone. They even answered the taxi driver completely synced when they told him where to go. Career over for both these two. Public figures of negative examples should pay the price for their misbehaviour!

That night, I really drank too much, but alcohol is not an excuse for making this mistake. Examples beeswax, carnauba wax, shellac wax, gum acacia, paraffin. Appledaily is debating whether to disclose the information.

The driver is been driving for artists for quite a while. They naturally touching each other like couple. No, create an account now. Andy at least took the criticism and the blame head-on like a man. She seemed like the listening obedient type.

Either the man or woman can find loves in other person. She knowingly seduced a married man when she herself is still attached? He said he was very drunk that night as though it was a one off and lustful mistake.

It wasn t an accident Jacqueline Letters in Print Letters on the

Singer Andy Hui Caught Cheating On Wife Sammi Cheng

Wonder how thick face he need for that session. The year-old actress likes to flaunt selfies with many male stars, and Andy has appeared in her Instagram posts in the past. But i never expected her to be so cheap to be a home wrecker. An earlier version of this post misidentified the book from which a passage about San Francisco at the time of the gold rush was taken.

Dash-Cam Footage Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong are having an affair

Still convinced they were having an affair. Is she not a native Hong Konger? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Of course, it could also be what you and everyone else is interpreting it as, as well. Her entertainment circle friends would have deleted her contact by now. She really needs to come clean so she can stop the media from harassing her family. Jacqueline will probably have to head back to live a retired life in Canada now.

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