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Wallace purchased that too. Wallace Silversmiths is a major American manufacturer of sterling silver owned by Lifetime Brands. Sales of this magnificent three-dimensional pattern exceeded even the most ambitious projections and Wallace was soon growing through acquisition at a remarkable clip. This is to ensure it is of the required sterling silver standard and, provided it conforms to a standard, a series of symbols are stamped into each part of the item. English Silversmiths Directory.

Wallace Silversmiths Inc.

They are a group of managers with the Meriden Britannia Co. The hollow-ware production and business were stopped. Wallace realized the importance of diversifying his business and began producing a complete range of flatware using the nickel alloy formula.

Wallace Silversmiths Inc History Silver mark & Hallmark

Most of the treasure was in the form of silver bars. Molds made from originals produce copies with original appearing marks. Since new molds are usually made by copying originals, marks on originals are usually transferred to the new molds.

The separate standard mark may appear as only or enclosed in a simple shape such as an oval, square or circle. Each of these patterns remains popular. Industry and in a Subsidiary of Katy Industries Inc. This presents obvious problems for those interested in antique and collectible silver and silver plate. In Wallace entered in partnership with J.


Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. It also involved a great deal of highly specialized equipment. Although you can catch many reproductions simply by understanding laws that regulate marks, that assumes the marks themselves are honestly applied. But if a piece was made in England for sale at home it would require a fourth mark, warrior a British assay mark. It grew to be the largest manufacturer of flat tableware in the world.

At least that's the theory. These short tips highlight the basic differences in how new and old marks are created and applied. They continued to grow the business and become the largest manufacturer of flat tableware in the world. Date letters are now optional in British hallmarks.


It gives the collector and dealer who understands them, specific permanent marks to establish firm dates of production. There was a simple reason for this seemingly Draconian behaviour in that the manufacture of silver and gold was allied to the minting of currency. Years passed and Wallace's reputation for excellence in silversmithing continued to grow. Almost all marks on almost all antique and collectible silver and silver plate, were applied with stamps.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The new company, Wallace Brothers, produced silver-plated flatware on a base of stainless steel. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Later he found a man who had brought the recipe for making the metal. Compare the mark of a suspected piece to genuine marks in reference books or known originals in your own collection.

  1. Stamped marks are generally much cleaner and sharper than cast marks.
  2. Some authentic Victorian-era silver-plated pieces do bear applied discs with the manufacturers name.
  3. The Tiffany and Unger Bros.

Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks Hallmarks & Makers Marks

This is especially important if your original mark is a line drawing and not a photograph. America Silversmiths Directory. All marks, whether standing alone or combined with other symbols as the above example, are very nearly a guarantee of a reproduction. Notable Silversmith Index. Sterling and virtually never appeared as separate words standing apart in vintage marks.

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Wallace Silversmiths Inc

World Silversmiths Directory. Wallace Silversmith was founded by Robert Wallace. Over the next three decades, the ownership of Wallace Silversmiths would change three more times. Cast, or molded, marks almost always lack the detail found in stamped marks. If you make a single mold with an old appearing mark, every piece made in the mold will carry that mark.

These marks are accepted in Europe, paying high England and the United States. In it became a division of H. These symbols may be placed in any order. Almost all the pieces we'll be discussing are made for the antique reproduction trade. But it is a general rule that virtually all pieces marked or sterling are modern.

Confusing Marks on Sterling Silver and Silver Plate

How to read silverplate marks

Antique Silver Hallmarks and how to indentify where your silver comes from

The new Unger mark has a large dot in the bottom of the letter U. The mark was first found on a group of new silver match safes with sports themes. The other is somewhat more elaborate with the letters separated by a crown. Century Sterling Chicago Silver Co.

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Pioneer of German Silver in America and later sterling Silver marker

Many of these marks appear in areas where no logical normal wear would occur. Many vintage marks, but far from all, include the name of the manufacturer. Fortunately, most forgers don't have the time or the money to duplicate original vintage marks so they take shortcuts. Discovering a piece of silver that might hold particular relevance or have been produced by a highly respected maker can bring rich rewards.

Dating Antique Silver Hallmarks

English Silver Hallmarks midth century to ca. Every item made of silver must be sent to an Assay Office for testing. Over the next century, the company continued to grow.

  • Galerie Du Louvre Antiques.
  • Rarer still, are American marks which include sterling and together without a company name.
  • The forged Tiffany mark in Fig.
  • Knowles John Polhamus Jos.
  • Today and for the past few centuries, this stamp or silver hallmark has shown the place and year of manufacture of the assayed silver item, as well as the silversmith who made or sponsored the item.

The oval tab marked shown here is soldered on a new rattle. All the coinlike objects shown in the advertisement were cast from silver ingots recovered from the ship. The presence of the mark is a clue to this piece's recent manufacture. If this sounds like a lot of work, dating jesus it was. Typical pre British hallmark.

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