The Tommy Armour Brand and a Look Back at Its EVO Driver

Tommy Armour 845 Driver 460cc Review


Tommy Armour Golf 845 Silver Scot 460cc Titanium Drivers

As for mark ups this actually shows how much of the mark up on equipment is attributable to the cost of marketing. This fact will be especially pertinent for those who have trouble keeping the ball down into headwinds. This reduces the hardening effect that results from the welding process, which in-turn helps increase the sweet area of the face. It is rewarding when someone asks, what is that club?

Tommy Armour Golf 845 Silver Scot 460cc Titanium Drivers

Ballooning did not occur for our highest hitting tester even during a session with new, high-spin, soft cover balls. The most obvious characteristic of how these Armours perform is the height of their trajectories.

The Tommy Armour Brand and a Look Back at Its EVO Driver

Hitters have always been able to tell exactly where their last shot hit on the clubface by the large amount of cover shreds stuck in the grooves. Surprisingly, it is not bad height.

Heavy weight mounted low helps to get the ball up quickly, but low swingweights mean that these irons are good from the rough only with aggressive swings. Good irons shots need to be high, but a point of diminishing returns can be met.

But needless to say, for the price I paid this club could easily replace most expensive drivers out there. The best advice I can give is that you keep looking on eBay or just get a different Driver. It seems in the driver market, low price is almost an anti-sales argument. All have also seen higher than average trajectories with decent, but varied distances.

Their biggest challenge will be convincing people its not junk. Instead, it is dynamic, productive height. From the rough, these Silver Backs work well provided they are hit aggressively. Really hope to see this in the most wanted testing like the old one- that really impressed me. For some, hitting these irons was like firing mortar shots at the pin.

Tommy Armour Products - Dallas Golf CompanyThe Sales Challenge

Price it high, color it loud and watch it sell! With softer balls, stopping power has been first rate.

In the s, amd iommu device chipset drivers Tommy Armour was the first major brand to market a set of single-length irons. The U Silver Back game improvement irons from Tommy Armour are extremely pleasant and easy to use. She actually helped me with a store swap on the latest Tommy Armour Irons with the matching Hybrids.

The Sales Challenge

One of the few problems I might encounter with this club is that it does have a tendency to turn a draw into a hook. And the company and brand have passed through many corporate owners over the decades. The stock grip is not of the finest material. Anybody know when the availability date is? No adjustment time was required.

Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter? These are friendly, forgiving irons that are very easy to use. He was surprised to find that he had trouble duplicating the same results on-course. There was minor disagreement about the desirability of the appearance of these irons, but that was about it. The price - you can't beat it.


These irons feel light and well balanced in the hands. One of our regulars had his best iron sessions ever at the range with the U Silver Backs and was very anxious to get them to the golf course. It is not overly muted or muddy as can be found in some large cavity back irons.

The Silver Back irons from Tommy Armour turned out to be as easy to review as any irons that have ever come through Golf Product News. Tommy Armour-branded golf clubs go way back. For our two lowest hitting testers, the Armours produced ideal trajectories that were moderately high in height. This club has been one of the most accurate drivers I have ever owned. Looks that are as appealing as any driver out there.

This driver is not recommended for those who like to hit drivers that are as big as Volkswagen Beetles! The Swing Tack Grip feels very nice and your hands will never slip from these grips because they have excellent traction. His shots under the controlled circumstances of the range were boomingly high, long and dead on target. She told me that only a few stores in the most popular Golfing areas would receive these if any.


Tommy armour 845 driver 460cc review

Balls pop out nicely on easy swings from heavy grass, but substantial distance loss can occur. All of our testers have enjoyed hitting them.